I am here to help you to
find inner peace, clarity and high self-worth
by creating a space for you to reconnect with
your true self - 
your inner healer,
allowing you to release, shift and come back
to your centre
with the wonderful healing power of Reiki energy
and my spiritual guidance. 

rei:connect rei:ki

shamanic reiki healing

& teaching practice

Asia Bochenek

Reiki Master Practitioner  &  Reiki Master Teacher


why Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient healing technique which was developed into the form we practice now by a buddhist monk Mikao Usui in the early 20th century in Japan. The word Reiki is made up of two words: rei, which means “universal life”, and ki, which means “life force energy”, and refers to the universal energy that nourishes and maintains all living things. Reiki is a very powerful but gentle, safe, non invasive, and soothing practice, which brings you back into balance and reinforces your body's ability to heal itself at mental, physical and emotional levels. 


When your mind, body and heart are balanced and aligned with your truth everything in your life appears clearer and more effortless. 

 Healing Process & Shamanic Approach

All you need to do during the session is to relax, be open to receiving and trust that Reiki goes wherever it is needed the most.

I will guide you through breathing and relaxation techniques to calm your mind so you can fully allow yourself to be present and surrender.

You may experience physical sensations like hotness or tingling. Some people see colours and visuals, scenes and memories. It's also natural to release deep emotions and past traumas that may make you feeling tired just before you see and feel the shift. There is no right or wrong, the healing process is totally unique - as are you. The release and shift of energy may also be very subtle, and you may feel joyful and wonderful straight away. Reiki always works for your highest good and only delivers what you are ready to experience. 

I work as a channel for the loving and powerful energy of Reiki and hold this sacred space for you to be present in. I take a holistic approach and while facilitating your journey I incorporate shamanic elements and welcome guides from the spirit world to the space, who may appear as powerful allies in assisting your healing.  An experience exchange at the end of the session can be a huge part of the healing process and I will share with you any guidance received and additional insights to provide deeper understanding. All is welcome and accepted in this safe space and you can share with me as much or as little as you feel in confidence.

The practice of Reiki is safe, with no side effects and, as a natural form of healing can enhance and support other conventional or complementary treatments. It should not, however, be regarded as a complete cure for condition and it is a good medical practice to consult your doctor on a regular basis. Reiki is pure unconditional love, the life force energy that cleanses, shifts, and transforms to leave you feeling grounded, peaceful and connected. We need to meet Reiki half-way and do the work on our own part too.

Being open to receive and willing to heal with compassion is the best gift you can give yourself.

Reiki can help you with:

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  Higher Self-Esteem

Have you ever got caught up in negative self-sabotaging talk? Thinking that you are not good enough, the things you desire are out of reach, or struggling with blame and a lack of self-love and acceptance? As a pure and unconditionally loving energy, Reiki can increase your sense of self-worth by channelling forgiveness and love and, subsequently, healing. A deeper connection with ourselves creates more joy, openness and an ability to implement healthy boundaries that helps us see ourselves and others with more kindness and understanding.

Physical Pain

Our bodies are always communicating  with us - are you listening? The four pillars of healing; the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, are all interlinked and connected. When one is out of balance, it's likely the others are too. Unreleased stress and unhealed emotional traumas and blockages affect our nervous system because our bodies store them  in our muscles and organs, and that results in physical pain and a lack of energy. Reiki creates a deep relaxation and aids the body in releasing stress and tension on a physical level, which can be highly effective if you suffer from chronic conditions or are recovering from old injuries.

Difficult & Negative Emotions

Reiki can relieve past and present emotional blockages and wounds that could have been caused by difficult experiences and events, loss, break ups or any other unresolved and unexpressed issue. Reiki can bring to the surface, release and help you understand and heal these deeply suppressed heavy emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, insecurity, hatred, jealousy, self-criticism and rejection. These negative vibrations and frequencies impact our overall health and wellbeing, but there is a way out by taking responsibility for your own healing and bring your awareness to the heart.

Connection With Yourself

Your relationship with yourself is the most important one of all. It impacts relationships with others and how we perceive the world around us. When you are at your calmest, it's easier to lovingly accept your uniqueness and give yourself permission to grow. Reiki, with its grounding energy deepens our sense of trust and aligns us with our Intuition - that inner wisdom that is always there for you. You are responsible for how you show up and respond to life. It all starts within.

Clarity and Peace

Connecting with yourself - body and heart - brings clarity and peace of mind when we allow our mind and ego to surrender. There is nowhere to go, nothing to prove, no 'must dos' or 'what ifs'. Allow yourself to stop, breathe and trust that everything you currently need is happening for you right now. The more the beautiful Reiki energy flows through your body and mind, the more it clears out worries, insecurities and thoughts that don't serve you anymore.

  Stress and Anxiety

We live in such a fast paced and busy world with no real time to stop and feel. Sometimes we get caught up in this modern-day trap and start feeling overwhelmed, fearful, tired, and bogged down by everyday worries. When we go through really difficult times and inevitable changes in life a powerful, yet extremely relaxing Reiki treatment can help you find your inner peace, calmness and restore a natural sense of balance that allows you to be more in tune with life.



Reiki Master Practitioner & Teacher


My journey with Reiki energy healing started in 2012, when after a few powerful sessions I experienced significant shifts in my thinking and wellbeing. I felt lighter, grounded, more loving and self-aware, and able to express myself with more kindness and compassion. After experiencing this truly amazing energy work I just knew that Reiki would become a big part of my life, and here I am, ready to serve you, guide you and hold a space for you to heal and expand too.


In my healing sessions and teachings I surrender to the guidance of my Intuition and the spirit world to provide you with deeper insights for your healing. I channel traditional Reiki from Usui lineage and combine shamanic elements and practices that I am naturally connected to.

I have worked with a wide range of people who experienced anxiety, relationship breakups, depression, trauma, stress, PTSD, bereavement, severe physical pain, low self-esteem, lack of confidence and self-worth, and long term mental and physical illness. My work has always been empowerment-led through my background working for charities combatting sexual violence against women and girls, and aiding rural community development overseas.


I am drawn to and use many holistic tools such as guided meditation, shamanic work, oracle cards, manifestation, embodiment, sacred feminine and masculine energy, that may also guide you to your own self- discovery. Alongside the intuitive energy work & teachings I am also an Artist. I love to bring emotions and raw, powerful feminine energy to my paintings and I hope that my work also invites you to connect with your inner world a little bit deeper. I love electronic music, Chopin, jazz, flamenco; celebrating life with the people dear to me, meditation, yoga, being on the road, exploring faraway and nearby lands, and wandering through nature.

UK Reiki Federation Membership: 6664D



I am here to offer you my guidance for your healing journey and support in finding your truth. I am here to hold a space for you to reconnect with your true self and release the deepest emotions, stress and traumas that have been trapped in your body for too long. I offer you spiritual support in getting a deeper understanding of your internal world and past experiences so you can take your power back, awaken your heart and create a new reality where you live in full alignment with your mind, body and soul.

I am happy that you have decided to gift yourself a healing session with me.

It all starts from within.

I look forward to meeting you.

90 min Shamanic Energy Healing Session + Intuitive Guidance

We will connect energetically face to face in the online session and have a consultative chat. We will work together to locate and then remove whatever blockages and issues you may have that are stopping you from living to your fullest potential. We can work on old stagnant & difficult emotions, energetic blockages, self esteem, releasing stress, physical pain, and go deep to the root cause of trauma from childhood, ancestral lineage or past lives. If you are unaware of what the issue might be but you feel you need a change, this is absolutely natural. We will read your energy to figure out where we should set our intention and allow the universal life force energy to do its deep and transformative work. I use a combination of energy healing techniques and energy medicine methods from shamanic tradition. We will work together to look at your life holistically and create a safe sacred space to allow your body and mind to start generating its healing powers. 

After the healing session we will hold a space for you to share your experience and insights and I will share the messages, visions and insights I have received and channeled. I work highly intuitively and offer my guidance and support in the deeply transformative areas such as, Universal Law - Energy Frequency and Vibrations, Reprogramming Subconscious Mind, Embodiment, Deep Release, Visualisation, Shadow Work, and Shamanic Energy Medicine and practices.


I also offer tailored guided meditations when you decide to book a course of 3 or 6 sessions. 


I am usually called to share intuitive guidance with you that may support you in your healing journey. It is important to realise that you are your own powerful healer, and you are the one responsible for your own actions and sacred choices. 

We will work to unblock, release, heal and realign your life in a permanent and positive way. One session can result in a huge shift and release but a course of 3 to 6 sessions is strongly recommended in order to make significant progress and allow yourself to expand, grow and change on an emotional, physical, spiritual and mental level. 

The energy is timeless and limitless, and distant energy healing sessions are powerful, transformative and effective, exactly like a treatment in person, just without skin to skin contact and from the comfort of your own home and space. I offer to hold you, support you and empower you during your healing journey with me.






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Reiki Healer Practitioner East London


I'd highly recommend Asia for reiki. She's incredibly professional, compassionate and really puts you at ease. I've never experienced anything like it and will be back to see her regularly in the future.

- Karla

Reiki helps me to stay in touch with my true self, be more mindful, and simply to let go. Sessions with Asia always bring so much PEACE and BALANCE She’s also helped me to cope with some really challenging moments in life. I always feel safe and listened to. 

~ Ela

I had a gorgeous Distance Reiki Healing session with the utterly Divine Asia - she has the most beautiful energy herself a truly gentle and perfect light-filled channel for the Reiki to flow through - and I felt held and supported throughout my session.



~ Sophie


Step on a journey of self-discovery and healing

I invite you to step onto a sacred self-discovery journey where you learn the importance of self-healing and deepen your connection to self on an energetic, physical, mental & emotional level, which will improve all areas of your life.


Connection & Trust

Over the two days we will cover a brief history of Reiki, the Reiki Principles, working with Energy, Chakra system, how to do a self healing practice, standard hand positions and how to give a treatment to others, Reiki meditation sequence, sacred grounding and protection practices, setting up your space, incorporating shamanic elements, mindfulness, breathing techniques, 21 Day Cleansing Process​ & much more.

You will receive the sacred Usui Lineage Reiki Level 1 Attunement. Once you have been attuned the connection with this wondrous healing energy will be with you for life, and it will continue to get stronger and deeper the more you use it.

After your Attunement you will be encouraged to go through 21 day self-healing and cleansing process that will strengthen your connection to Reiki and improve your wellbeing. Reiki Level 1 allows you to practice self-healing, give treatments to friends, family and pets, and if you would like to work as a practitioner, Reiki 2 gives you the qualification to work with paying clients.

You will receive your in depth manual, Level 1 certificate and a copy of your Reiki Lineage which traces back to Mikao Usui.

I dedicate my commitment to you as your guide on this wonderful journey by creating a safe space, being present, share my knowledge and experience to empower you to find confidence within, and to offer my support way beyond the training.

I am honoured to have witnessed some of the biggest transformations in myself and others when working with Reiki. I trust it will be an ongoing and a life-long journey of self discovery, awakening and enlightenment for you too.

Your Investment: Self-Study Online Training €480 pay in full or 4x €120 in a monthly payment plan

I invite you to deepen your practice by learning to channel specific types of energy through Reiki Symbols, practicing intuitive healing and using the power of Intention that enriches your Reiki healing abilities.


    Deepening & Sacred Surrender

If you have already trained in Level 1, have completed at least 21 days of the self healing practice, and feel ready to deepen your knowledge, then come and share the magic that Level 2 brings.


Over the two days we will cover: three sacred Symbols and how to work with them, how to practice Distant Healing, advanced hands positions and healing techniques; setting up as a Practitioner and work with clients; using Shamanic elements and tools and working with your guides; grounding and spiritual protection, setting up a healing space with intention & a lot of practice sending Distant Healing and giving treatments. 

You will receive your manual, certificate of training, the Usui Lineage Level 2 Attunement and Reiki Empowerment.

Reiki Level 2 enables you to work with clients professionally if you choose this as part of your path. There is no compulsion to start giving Reiki on a professional basis if this doesn’t feel in alignment for you. This course can be used to expand and greatly deepen your own connection and trust in working with Reiki.

As part of my Reiki Level 2 teachings I encourage you to complete nine treatments and short Distant Healing sessions as your case studies. This is an incredible way to get as much practice you need and bring your healing abilities to the next level. I will of you my ongoing support throughout the process by exchanging our feedback and experiences.

The Level 2 is truly a wonderful part of your Reiki journey that will really shift things for you in your life! It's so powerful to see people feeling, surrendering and becoming the Energy.


Your Investment: Private 1:1 Training, €555 pay in full or a 5x €111 month payment plan available 


Teaching dates and times will be arranged to suit your schedule, and these can be spread into one full day, consecutive days or weeks. On each session you will also receive healing and empowerments, as well as ongoing support during your case studies.


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Based in France and practicing & teaching online.

I am available to teach workshops and retreats globally.